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Cash and Camping SUPER LOTTERY



Early Bird 2 Deadline

May 30

Early Bird 3 Deadline

June 20

Bonus Prize Deadline

July 11

Final Ticket Deadline

July 26

Final Ticket Deadline

July 26

The majority of Lottery proceeds will support other community projects in and around our region. The Swan City, Sunrise and After Five Rotary Clubs are service clubs with the guiding principles of service, fellowship, diversity, integrity, and leadership. In the 2019 operating year, all three Club’s combined supported over 60 non-profit and local charities. These organizations provide a variety of much-needed and valuable services to our community. 

11 Non-Profit Groups

Proceeds will be used to fund the Summer Camp Scholarship Program.  This program ensures no child is refused attendance at the camp because of an inability to pay the registration fee.  Funds will also be used for craft and sports supplies and fees for using the swimming pool.    


Proceeds will be used towards Willow Place, Recovery College, and Mobile Addictions Outreach to provide programing and client supplies to ensure the programs continue to meet the need of an expanding audience.  Willow Place provides low income housing for people with diagnosed mental health conditions and other housing units provide low income housing for people living in poverty.  The Recovery College is an educational-based approach focusing on helping people with mental health conditions or substance abuse problems recognize and develop their own resourcefulness and awareness in order to support themselves or their loved one’s recovery journey.


Proceeds will support Grande Prairie Gymnastics and Cheerleading in many different areas with a focus being on coach development, equipment maintenance/replacement and supporting the community in keeping our competitive programs affordable for our families. Gymnastics remains one of the best activities for the overall development of agility, balance, coordination, strength, and flexibility and now more than ever, we need to keep our families and athletes engaged as we work to rebuild our programs as we move away from the challenges of 2020/2021. It is the support and dedication of the Lotteries that truly enable us to make gymnastics a reality for so many in the community.


Proceeds will be put towards the Hythe Memorial Arena Brine-line project.  The project will see the removal and replacement of the current ice foundation and the lines beneath that circulate the brine which keeps the ice at proper temperature.

Proceeds will be used towards the promotion of the foundation and fundraising events.   Funds will also help to maintain and expand the lending library for First responders and Emergency workers.  The lending library includes books, and products that provide support for mental health and wellness. 


Rotaract has volunteered for many projects in Grande Prairie. This includes the Cars for Christmas lottery, Dream Home Lottery, the Dignity Drive, the Scarecrow Festival, and the Bear Creek Folk Festival. Our two big projects are “For the Love of Pets” which raises money for the two local animal shelters, and “Chips for Charity” which raises money for United Way Alberta Northwest and Rotaract. The funds from this project and our other fundraisers go towards many different organizations and groups. We have donated items and/or money to the Dignity Drive, the Salvation Army, Odyssey House, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and various emergency funds from around the world. We’re also always looking for new ways to help the community with either donations or volunteer time. 


The Rotary Club Of Grande Prairie After Five supports many local groups and initiatives. Some of these that we hold closest to our hearts are the Dolly Parton Imagination Library, the Friendship Centre, and youth groups such as the St Joe’s Interact Club and Earlyact Club. We look forward to being able to continue to support and help these grow in our community while expanding our reach around us.    


Lottery proceeds will be distributed by the Sunrise Rotary Club on an as needed basis at this time. Community groups and projects can apply for funding and the Sunrise Board Executive and the Allocations Committee will oversee fund distributions. 


Proceeds will be used towards the operational costs of the Seniors Outreach and Meals on Wheels office. A one stop shop for seniors and their family, friends, caregivers, neighbors and anyone playing a role in a senior’s life.  When a senior is in “crisis” they problem solve to come up with a solution and assist seniors in obtaining available services, communicate with organizations serving seniors, and identify gaps in services to assist them in their needs.  


Proceeds will be used towards support of various community programs and projects.  Some of the projects we are involved in include the Salvation Army Food Bank Drive, Dignity Drive, Friendship Centre, Excellence in Education awards, Highway to Mexico and many more! The Swan City Rotary Club is a volunteer service club dedicated to providing service to others, promoting integrity, and advancing world understanding, goodwill and peace through fellowship of business, professional and community leaders. Rotary’s moto is “Service Above Self”. 


Proceeds will be used towards updating dancer costumes.  Most of the costumes and/or pieces come from the Ukraine to ensure quality and authentic pieces.  The Society’s costume collection has been built up over the years but Costumes have been reused, repurposed and altered and are in desperate need of updating.  The Troyanda Society aims to be affordable and inclusive to all and dancers attends many community events. 


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Thank you grande prairie!

Thank you
grande prairie!

The 2022 Cash and Camping Lottery is now closed!

The 2022 Cash and Camping Lottery is now closed!